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Nonlinear Model Based Estimation of Rigid-Body Motion via an Indirect Measurement of an Elastic Appendage with Application to Biomechanics Studies Background

Merav Mor, Odded gottlieb, Alon Wolf

 In this work, we present our first step towards better recognition of bone and joint motion based on skin markers measurements. For this purpose, we develop and implement a nonlinear model-based procedure for estimation of rigid body motion via an indirect measurement of an elastic appendage. We demonstrate the procedure by motion analysis of a compound planar pendulum from indirect optoelectronic measurements of markers attached to an elastic appendage that is restrained to slide along the rigid-body long axis. We implement a Lagrangian approach to derive a theoretical nonlinear model that consistently incorporates the generalized forces acting on the system. Identification of the governing linear and nonlinear system parameters is obtained by analysis of frequency and damping backbone curves obtained from controlled experiments of the decoupled system elements.
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