Research Projects

An Adaptive Virtual Biofeedback System for Rehabilitation

Ouriel Barzilay, Oded Solomon, Alon Wolf

 Every day, physical therapy helps a considerable number of people recover from surgical operations, strokes, or injuries. Physiotherapy tends to develop, maintain, and restore maximal movement and functionality to the patient. For this purpose, the physiotherapist has to tailor specific physical exercises to best fit the patient's pathology and needs.
In this research area, we develop a new rehabilitation system. The purpose of this research is to enhance the methods used in biomechanical rehabilitation by combining virtual reality, motion capture and biofeedback tools such as electromyograms (EMG) in the rehabilitation process. First, the patient is introduced to treatment with a virtual task which is projected to a 3D head mounted display. The task is tailored to his medical condition. This task is then changed and adapted as a function of real time kinematics and electromyograms feedback provided by a 3D motion-tracking stem (Vicon). In the future,we intend to integrate a 6-degrees of freedom cable robot to the system as a force feedback Haptic device. The patient will be connected to the wires in a predefined location. Then the robot will provide adaptive biofeedback to the patient in parallel to the visual feedback.
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